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For Christians, Christmas is not just a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. In the bible, Jesus is also called “Emmanuel” meaning “God-with-us”. Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity was born about 2000 years ago, in a town called Bethlehem in Israel. To all Christians, it is a time to rejoice and thank God who “loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, Jesus Christ”. It is also a day to find greater meaning in lives today and to renew ones’ faith in Christ Jesus, “He was like us in all things, except sin”- to live a life of perfect love. Christmas is also a special time of exchanging gifts. The giving of gifts symbolizes God’s great gift of the Saviour in the person of Jesus. It reflects the spirit in which Christians are to live, that is more ready, to give than to receive.

During this festive season, friends and family members of all races and religions gather together to celebrate and have a warming-loving day.

In the days when the Romans ruled over Israel, a young man, Joseph and his wife, Mary, a virgin who was with a child by the power of God (the Holy Spirit), made a long, tiring journey to Bethlehem. Mary was about to give birth and needed a place to rest but the town was overcrowded and there was no room available. An innkeeper took pity on them and offered some space in the stable for them. It was in his stable where Jesus Christ was born.

Today, Christians from all over the world celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ on 25th December, which however, is not confirmed as the actual date of his birth. During 4th century after Christ, the Roman Empire became Christian with conversion of the Emperor to Christianity.

A few years after the winter solstice (22nd December) the Romans had a festival of the birth of the new sun. The Christian of Rome found this to be suitable to celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ who was referred in the Bible as “the rising sun coming from on high to visit us” and thus that was how the celebration was originated.