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During the period of 770-476, lived a historian who was in charge of the archives in the State of Zhou BC. ‘Li Er’, later known as ‘Lao Zi’ or old master, was also the founder of the Taoist philosophy. He composed the ‘Daode Jing’, a collection of teachings about Tao, some time about 650 BC. In 141 AD, ‘Zhang Daoling’ began a religious movement, based on the local religious practices and the teachings of the ‘Daode Jing’. Taoism was started in China.

Basic Beliefs
~ ‘Tao’ (way) is the principle of nature and the law of life, which is
     harmonious and good in and of itself.

~  Taoists believe in many gods as different gods perform different
     functions. The different categories of gods include:
    -  Supreme gods – Three Pure Ones ‘San Qing’, the Jade Emperor,
    -  Nature gods – God of Earth, God of Heaven, God of Water,
        Fu De Zhen Shen
    -  Legendary gods and good people who have become gods –
       Guan Di, Mazu, Monkey God, Kitchen God.
Taoists believe that all man has a limited lifespan and he should cultivate his potential in body and character. Faithful devotees should learn to love and take good care of themselves and not have excessive desires so as to lead a healthy and long life. Taoists are always urged to accumulate virtues like loving their fellowmen, be compassionate, humble and search for inner harmony.

Death is treated as the continuation of life into the phase of the soul. Taoists believes that death is not the end of life. Thus, they perform rituals for the dead to guide the wandering soul to its new home. It is an obligatory duty for the descendants to carry out prayer and acts of penance for the dead.

The living believes that the ancestor’s soul is always watching over them and the ancestors communicate with the living through dreams.