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‘Guru Nanak’, who lived in the 15th century AD, began the Sikh religion with his life and vision. At a time when there were many religious conflicts and superstitious practices in North India, he found this new religion, Sikhism. He was the first of the 10 Gurus (Teacher) whose followers are known as the Sikhs (student or disciple).

Sikhism is the understanding and practice of the teachings of the Gurus. A Sikh, according to Guru Nanak, is one who obeys the commands of the Guru. ‘Sikhs Sangat’ (congregation) began in the early days, where the Sikhs assemble at the home of the Guru and to offer prayers. Nowadays Sikhs assemble at a Gurdwara (temple) for worship, singing of hymns and carrying out Sikh ceremonies. The temple is also a place for giving and sharing of food.

Basic Beliefs
~ Sikhism believes in the existence of One God (Ik). The Sikhs believe that god is original and eternal. He is the Supreme One or Creator, the source from which all beings and things have begun.

~ The Guru, the true teacher, is a model of wisdom and spiritual perfection. He enlightens the minds of his followers through personal examples, religious instructions and the swinging of hymns.

~ The Gurus prescribed certain standards for moral behaviour in their teachings. They taught basic values such as equality, freedom, brotherhood, charity, steadfastness, humility, devotion and balance in life. A disciple acquires wisdom and virtues through upholding and practicing these values.

~ The Gurus also states that man must earn his keep by his own honest and hard work, and he is prepared to share the fruits of his labour with others. The works, man contributes to the community accumulates as he is judged on the judgment day.

~  Sikhs believe in the concept of the individual soul and the cycle of rebirth.

~  The ‘Guru Granth Sahib’ is the holy book of the Sikhs. 

~  The 5Ks are items worn by the Sikhs, as a uniform and as symbols of their religion. As each item begins with the sound of the letter ‘K’ in Punjabi, they are known as the 5Ks.
    - A Kirpan (sword) – to defend the good and the less fortunate
    - A Kara (bangle) – to remind them of God’s love and to carry
      out righteous actions
    - Kesh (uncut hair) – to symbolise saintliness and disciple
    - A Kangha (comb) – to keep their hair nest and clean
    - A Kaccha (pair of shorts) – to reflect chastity.