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Confucius, an educated man, was well-versed in the way the ancient sage-kings governed their people with benevolence. He requested for a position in government to offer his knowledge to help the ruler take care of the people, but he was not given the government appointment he wanted due to political chaos that time. Then, Confucius focuses his life on teaching his disciples/students, with hope that they would contribute their life to govern the people with benevolence like the ancient sage-kings.

Basic Beliefs
~ Confucianism is based on moral principles, which highlight ‘ren’ or
    benevolence as the key virtue of his teachings:

“…love others” (Analects, 12.22)
“…not do to other what you do not wish yourself” (Analects, 12.2)
“…in desiring to develop himself develop others” (Analects, 6.28)

~ According to Confucianism, it is very important to maintain family harmony (family order), which can be achieved through proper conduct called ‘li’ or rites as it also helps to maintain harmony in the social community.

~ In Confucianism, each person is born with innate virtue called ‘de’. Through learning, it teaches one to express fully in all that one feels, think, says and does.

~ ‘Sheng ren’ or sage, a person with the highest moral character, is one who never strays from right and kind action. ‘Zi gong’ (a disciple of Confucius) once asked, “If there was a man who gave extensively to the common people and brought help to the multitude, what would you think of him? Could he be called benevolent?”. Confucius in reply said, “It is no longer a matter of benevolence with such a man. If you must describe him, sage is perhaps the right word.” (Analects, 6.30).