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Jesus The Perfect Gift
All of us would like to give that perfect gift to our special ones. We have big grandiose dreams of giving the gift, such that even years later, the happy recipient would say, "Remeber what you gave me five years ago? I still use it, you know?" So, come anniversaries, birthdays, special hoildays and occasions, throngs would be out in force to hunt down that elusive perfect gift.

But is it that hard to give the perfect gift? Isn't it all about giving what the person wants? Let's see...

Jesus my Best Friend

~ It's definitely great having Jesus as your best friend. He never  gives up, never walks out, but always gives out.~

When i was a little girl attending kindergarten, we were into having best friends. A best friend was someone  we could trust, who would love us and care for us and be our friend

Principles for Interpreting the Bible
In studying the Bible, it is important that we determine the meaning of verse in its original setting. Often-times, people wrongly interpret Bible passages due to a lack of understanding . The bible does not contradict itself. different human authors may have written it, but there is a unity of theme because the divine author, God Himself, ultimately wrote it...

A time to relax and indulge yourself in a bit of laughter.


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