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Buddhism originates from India during the 6th century BC. Back then; a prince named ‘Siddartha Gautama’ was born. Though he led a life pf pleasure in his father‘s palace, he was troubled by the problems of life related to birth, sickness, old age and death and wanted to the meaning of life.

One day he left his palace, wife and child and went in search for the truth. For six years he led a life of self-denial but going through these two extreme ways of life, he has yet to find the truth. Thus, he adopted the life of the Middle Way or the Eight-fold Path and this way of life led him to Enlightenment or Nirvana.

Basic Beliefs
Buddhist believes that the Buddha is the Perfect One, the Enlightened One who has realized the Universal Truth. Therefore Buddhists believe that through his teachings, it can relieve all suffering from human beings and lead them to happiness.

Base on the Buddha’s teachings, every being goes through reincarnation and the accumulation of merits and demerits affects a person’s cycle of rebirths. Only the attainment of Enlightenment or Nirvana can end cycle of rebirths.

Buddhist believes that life is a process and everyone purposes is to attain Nirvana.

The Four Noble Truths:

~ The Truth of Suffering

~ The Truth of the Cause of suffering

~ The Truth of the End of Suffering

~ The Truth of the Path leading to the End of the Suffering

The Eight-fold Path

~ Right Understanding

~ Right Thought

~ Right Speech

~ Right Action

~ Right Livelihood

~ Right Effort

~ Right Mindfulness

~ Right Meditation