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Primary Health Services Types of Services

Primary health care involves the provision of primary medical treatment, preventive healthcare and health education. In Singapore, primary health care is provided through an island network of outpatient polyclinics and private medical practitioners’ clinics. About 20% of primary health care is provided through the 16 polyclinics, whilst the remaining 80% is provided through some 1,900 private medical clinics.

Each polyclinic serves as a one-stop health centre that provides outpatient medical care, follow-up of patients discharged from hospitals, immunisation, health screening and education, investigative facilities and pharmacy services. There are approximately 1,900 private clinics run by about 1,470 medical practitioners. The private clinics are located in every estates and towns. About 85% of the population stay in high rise public housing and own their homes. The average outpatient consultation fee (inclusive of medication) is only about S$10 to S$15, well within the means of every Singaporean. At the government polyclinics, Singapore citizens aged 65 and above, children up to 18 years of age and all school children are given up to 75% concession in their consultation and treatment fees. Other Singapore citizens are given 50% concession.