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Dental Health Services Types of Services

The emphasis of the public service is in preventive dentistry targeted at pupils in schools. A network of 184 static field clinics within the schools and 6 mobile clinics provide a range of dental services such as basic dental care, oral hygiene care, oral health screening, dental health education and dental counseling.

The school dental programme, fluoridation of potable water (since 1958) and the widespread availability of fluoridated toothpaste have brought dental decay and tooth loss to a very low level. A survey in 1994 showed that a child at age 12 has only one decayed, missing or filled tooth; and that 97% of our population at age 18 did not lose any permanent tooth because of dental decay.

Outside of the school clinics, dental care is primarily delivered by private practitioners. To a smaller extent, the Government provides dental care at military camps, polyclinics and public hospitals. Specialty services and training of postgraduates are undertaken at the National Dental Centre and the National University Hospital.