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Festivals | "Zhong Qiu Jie" Other Festivals
‘Zhong Qiu Jie’ (Mid-Autumn Festival in mandarin) a festive season that is not only celebrated by Chinese in Singapore but it is also a joyous occasion for the multi-racial neighbours to have a gathering with their family, relative and friends.

During the Festival, void decks in public housing estates, parks and open spaces are brighten up by the lanterns, sparkling lights and the warm laughter brought by children.

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month in the Chinese calendar. This festival associated with many different legends and myths, one of the most famous legends is often associated ‘Hou Yi’ and ‘Chang Er’.

According to the legend, there were ten suns circling around the earth, each taking its turn to bring light and warmth to earth. However, one day all ten suns appeared together scorching the earth. One day, a brave archer, ’Hou Yi’ shot them down except for one. ‘Hou Yi’ was later made the emperor and married ‘Chang Er’, the most beautiful woman on earth thereafter. The last Emperor gave ‘Hou Yi’ a magic pill containing the elixir for immortality, as a reward for his heroic act. But no sooner, he became a tyrant.

‘Chang Er’, being a kind hearted lady, took the magic pill to save the people from the tyrannical rule of ‘Hou Yi’. She then floated to the moon taking along her pet rabbit with her, leaving the grief-stricken ‘Hou Yi’ behind.

Hence the legend of the lady in the moon with her Jade Rabbit started. His longing and love for ‘Chang Er’ has touched the Heavenly Gods, who thereafter allowed the lovers to meet on the 15th day of every eighth lunar month.