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‘Qi Qiao Jie’, a romantic Chinese Festival, is celebrated on the 7th night of the seventh lunar month. It commemorates the annual reunion of the cowherd (Niu Lang) and the weaving Maiden (Zhi Nu). It is a time to emphasize the joy and beauty of love; it is also an occasion to reiterate and demonstrate appreciation and care for your beloved ones.

In the 50's and 60's, many Chinatown streets turned into fairyland of lights as different "Qi Jie Hui" (Seven Sisters' Association, comprising of mainly single females) competed with each other to put up the most beautiful "shrines" to Niu Lang and Zhi Nu.

The "shrines" were mainly made of paper and fresh fruits, flowers and cosmetics.  Also, devotees took pains to make miniature clothes, shoes, and artifacts from paper and embroidery for display.

Zhi Nu was the 7th daughter of the Jade Emperor.  One day while visiting earth, she met and fell in love with Niu Lang.  After their marriage, her mother discovered Zhi Nu’s absence and ordered Zhi Nu to return to Heaven immediately when she found out what has happened. However, looking at the two loving couples, the Jade Empress took pity on them and thus allowed them to meet once a year.  So, on the seventh night of the seventh moon, maples would form a bridge for the fairy wife to meet her mortal husband.