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"Easter is a time to express joy and thanksgiving to God for the new relationship he has given, a victory celebration of Jesus Christ who was put to death unjustly but rose from death on the third day. For Christians, the resurrection is very important as it proves that Jesus Christ is truly God himself.

So Christians recall this event each year and renew their faith in Jesus Christ as Christ has the victory over death and no longer limited by time and space as he was while on earth. He can now be everywhere with his people all the time.

Jesus Christ is preserved in living and teaching a life of love. In spite of so much evil and hatred around him, he was able to love by forgiving and not taking revenge. This can be seen from the last meal he had with his disciples, commonly known as the Last Supper. During which he revealed his great love by offering himself and saying, “my body is given for you” and “my blood will be shed for you”.

On the Friday before Easter, which came to be called Good Friday, Christians commemorates the death of Jesus Christ. In reflecting on the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, Christians draw inspiration and strength to live out their own loves, especially in its difficult moments.

Jesus Christ lived in Palestine about 2000 years ago. He performed miracles, which were evidence of his power to heal the whole person – body, mind and spirit. As crowds gathered around him to listen to his teachings and many became his disciples, the rulers of Palestine were afraid that he would become a leader that is too powerful. The Jewish priests wanted to have him killed for claiming to be divine (God) and for not following their own teachings.

Jesus Christ had a special ‘Last Supper’ with his disciples as he knew he was going to be arrested thereafter. He taken to a mock trial and was unjustly condemned to death by crucifixion, the very next day. Crucifixion was the common form of punishment in those days, where criminals were nailed on a big wooden cross and left to hang on it for days till he bleeds to death.

Jesus was buried in a cave-tomb. But two days later, when some women went to the tomb, they found it open and empty. Later he was seen by many of his followers. He spoke with them, ate with them and even allowed them to touch him to prove that he was truly alive.