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Festivals | "Duan Wu Jie" Other Festivals
Duan Wu Jie is a day to commemorate the Chinese patriot and poet, Qu Yuan. Falling on the 5th day of the fifth lunar month, it is a day to remind oneself of one's duties and obligations to the nation. 

Other than eating rice dumplings and participating in dragon boat races for fun and joys, this occasion ought to be used to honor past national patriots who have been loyal and commitment towards the community.

During the riotous period of the Warring States, there lived a wise man called ‘Qu Yuan’ (340 - 278 B.C.).  He served in the official kingdom of Chu.  Evil court official, being antagonized by ‘Qu Yuan's capabilities, influenced the weak-minded emperor to dismiss and exile him.

For the following 20 years, Qu Yuan traveled extensively and composed verses about his thoughts and things that he saw.  When the Qin Kingdom gradually occupied the land of Chu, ‘Qu Yuan’ was totally disheartened.  Finally, being overwhelmed by misery, Qu Yuan clasped a stone to his chest and plunged into the Mi Luo River (in Hunan province) on the fifth day of the fifth month.