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Festivals | "Dong Zhi" Other Festivals
‘Dong Zhi’ which means arrival of winter, is the season for thanksgiving of the Chinese calendar. ‘Dong Zhi’ falls six week before Chinese New Year. Coinciding with the winter solstice, it is an occasion for family members to get together to celebrate the good year they have had. 

‘Tang Yuan’, sweet soup of glutinous rice flour balls, is indispensable during this festival. ‘Tang Yuan’ means "tuan yuan" (family reunion). Thus by eating Tang Yuan is a significance of family unity and family prosperity. For good luck, families prefer to have some pink tang yuan to mix with the white ones as red represents good luck to the Chinese.

Winter solstice signifies the beginning of winter. The sun is at the Tropic of Capricorn and for those living in the northern hemisphere, it is the longest night of the year.  The festival began as a farmer's festival to celebrate year-end harvest.