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Singapore Education System  

The Singapore Education System Flowchart

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Cornerstone of Education Policy

The education system in Singapore is one that is very flexible, and it caters to the interests, abilities and amplitudes of every child so that they can develop to their fullest potential. It focuses on the development of Human Resources to meet Singapore's need for an education and skilled workforce. It also aids in inculcation of sound moral values to serve as a culture ballast in the face of rapid progress and change.

Most children undergo at least 10 years of general education which comprises of six years in primary and four years in secondary education. The areas of literacy, numeracy, bilingualism, physical and moral education, and creative and independent thinking are emphasized by the education system. The bilingual policy ensures that every child is capable of two languages at least, namely English and their mother tongue. English language is necessary for commerce, technology and administration. Mother tongue is for child to know the language of their cultural heritage. Computer-based programs are also introduced in school so that the students will also be given the relevant knowledge to deal with the challenges faced in the 21st century.

Creative thinking skills are also necessary for the future. The Ministry of Education has taken on the challenge of developing and expanding every students creative potential to instill the need for continual learning. Addition to this will be the use of Information Technology which will be used to teach and as learning resources to develop skills in communication and independent learning. National Education is also taught to build strong bonds among fellow students and develop in them a keen sense of responsibility and commitment to family, community and country.

The vision of Singapore for meeting the challenges of the future can be summed in four words: THINKING SCHOOLS, LEARNING NATION. This is a vision that will ensure that Singapore will be a nation that thinks and citizens who are committed to be capable of contributing towards Singapore's continued growth and prosperity.

Flow of Education

Primary Secondary Tertiary