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Republic Polytechnic    Mission | Vision | Goal | Introduction

Our Mission Statement
  • Republic Polytechnic nurture individuals to prepare them for a dynamic world in partnership with stakeholders, leveraging proble-based learning.

Our Vision
An educational institution of choice for nurturing innovative, entrepreneurial and cultured professionals.

Our Corporate Goal - "ExCITE"

Introduction and Background

The Republic Polytechnic was established on 1st August 2002 through the passage of The Republic Polytechnic Act 2002 by Parliament.
The polytechnic received it’s first batch of 800 pioneer students was enrolled in July 2003 at its Tanglin Campus before moving to its new and permanent campus in Woodlands since March 2006.

Currently Republic Polytechnic house a capacity of 14,000 students. The polytechnic has seven schools and one academic centre offering forty-two diplomas in Applied Science, Engineering, Management and Communication, Events and Hospitality, Infocomm, Sports, Health & Leisure, and Technology for the Arts.
is the first educational institution in Singapore to leverage the Problem-based Learning approach for all its diploma programmes.

Republic Polytechnic is your definite choice of a one-stop center for innovation and entrepreneurial learning It is committed to nurture students in an environment that develops problem-solving skills and lifelong learning opportunities. With its holistic and broad-based curriculum, it prepares students for an active and meaningful role in society as problem solvers, respected professionals and passionate citizens.

Republic Polytechnic strives for excellence by achieving various international and national accreditations, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22301, Singapore Quality Class, People Developer, Innovation Class, and Service Class.