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National University of Singapore (NUS)    Mission | Vision | Courses | History

Advance knowledge and foster innovation, educate students and nurture talent, in service of country and society.
The NUS mission comprises three thrusts: providing quality education; engaging in high-impact research; and promoting entrepreneurship and industry collaboration. These three intertwined and mutually reinforcing thrusts will propel NUS forward as it contributes to Singapore, the region and beyond.

At NUS, knowledge is advanced by a diverse community working at the forefront of ideas, a community with passion for learning and discovery. Being a national university, we have the added roles of fostering innovation and applying knowledge to create value towards social, economic and technological developments.

Through a stimulating educational and research environment, rich with opportunities to develop the individual’s abilities and interests, NUS strives to provide a balanced, quality education and encourage scholarship at the highest level. In nurturing a spirit of inquiry and self-directed learning, NUS helps individuals develop their capabilities, and realise their aspirations and full potential.

Towards a Global Knowledge Enterprise building synergies between education, research and entrepreneurship.
In today’s relentlessly innovating global economy, knowledge is not pursued in isolation. It is advanced by the global community of scholars and knowledge workers operating at the forefront of ideas. Moving forward in this global arena, NUS is building intelligent partnerships with universities worldwide and taking on strategic roles in global consortia that will continually strengthen synergies between the processes of creating, imparting, and exploiting knowledge.

NUS aspires to be a dynamic connected knowledge community imbued with a “no walls” culture which promotes free flow of talent and ideas. Individual members of our community enjoy access to diverse opportunities for intellectual and professional growth and in turn add value to NUS becoming a global knowledge enterprise.

Our vision calls for infusing a spirit of enterprise throughout the NUS community, for members to be resourceful and alive to opportunity. Learning and living in NUS – a microcosm of the global knowledge community – will foster an entrepreneurial and global mindset as well as hone the requisite skills and habits to thrive in a fast-changing global economy with no walls.

Faculties and Courses
NUS' academic programmes are internationally benchmarked through the appointment of world-renowned academics in faculty-wide and university-wide International Academic Advisory Panels.

The NUS curriculum is based on a modular system. Undergraduate and graduate programmes are multi-disciplinary in nature, and have the flexibility to suit each student's abilities, interests and aspirations.

In addition, exchange programmes with foreign tertiary institutions allow global exposure for students. The NUS environment is one of vibrancy and excitement for students seeking an enriching experience.

The history of the National University of Singapore (NUS) may be traced as far back as 1905, when Singapore's first centre of higher education - The Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States Government Medical School -- was founded.

The name of The Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States Government Medical School was changed to King Edward VII Medical School in the year 1912. Then in the year 1928, Raffles College was established to complement the medical studies with the teaching of Arts and Science at tertiary level. The meager of Raffles College and King Edward VII Medical School eventually took place in the year 1949 and was named the University of Malaya. In the year 1962, the University of Malaya was established as the University of Singapore. Finally in the year 1980, the University of Singapore merged with Nanyang University to form the National University of Singapore. That’s is how the name National University of Singapore came about.