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Nanyang Technological University (NTU)    Mission | Funding | Facts | Organisation | History

NTU aims to be a world-class university. Its mission is to nurture high level manpower and leaders for the professions, industry and business, and to advance research and development in the academic and professional disciplines.

Our Funding
Most of the funding for NTU comes from the government through the Ministry of Education. A part of the annual budget comes from tuition fees and other sources of income. For developing projects, a separate funding is provided by the Government.

Some True Facts About Us
Alright, here are some facts about NTU. Do you know where NTU is located? Yes, it is located at the south-western part of the country in Jurong. The original part of the campus is designed by a famous architect by the name of Kenzo Tange.

During the period between November and December 2000, the National Institute of Education (NIE) moved to a new location at NTU.

To really impart the relevant knowledge to students studying in NTU, the facilities provided are always up-to-date and well-equipped for teaching and research. The laboratories, lecture theatres and tutorial rooms also have modern equipment for work and study. Multimedia facilities are also used during seminars and lectures for more impact and for teaching to be done efficiently.

However, the great life in NTU are not just confined to classroom lectures, multimedia seminars, etc. Students can also opt to live inside NTU quarters or residential halls and have access to a great range of leisure and recreational facilities.

The university is also actively encouraging the use of the World Wide Web. Do you know the university itself is like an internet network, all managed by the university’s center for IT Services (CITS)? Anyone who is making use of the campus network can access the internet and use all facilities and resources found over the internet.

Additional to the campus network, NTU had implemented the campus-wide wireless network in the year 2000. Any staff or students equipped with mobile devices such as notebook, PCs and PDAs can have access to all networked services such as lecture theatres, libraries, etc from anywhere within the campus with a connection speed as high as up to 11 megabytes per second.

Do you know that NTU functions quite differently from normal schools? First and foremost, there’s a small organization within the university called The Council which is the governing body of the university. They determine the appointment of staff and the terms and conditions attached. They also controls the university’s property, finance and general affairs.

There is also another group in NTU which is the supreme academic body of the university, known as the Academic Board. This body has the control over admission, examination, instruction and research and has the power to award degrees, diplomas and certificates.

The principal academic and executive officer is the President. He is assisted by three Deputy Presidents, Director (NIE), Deans of Schools and heads of administrative departments.

The university is organized into colleges and schools each headed by a Dean. Each school is further divided into Divisions.

College of Engineering is made up of five engineering schools.

The non-engineering schools are:

  • Accountancy and Business (Nanyang Business School)
  • Biological Sciences
  • Communication and Information
  • National Institute of Education (NIE)

Central Administration is made up of following offices:

  • Office of Academic Services
  • Office of Finance
  • Office of Human Resource
  • Student Affairs Office
  • Office of Estate & Amenities
  • Office of Development & Planning
  • Office of Director of Research
  • Internal Audit Office
  • Alumni & Endowment Office
  • Office of Professional Attachments
  • Public Relations Office

Academic Services

  • Library
  • Centre for IT Services
  • Centre for Education Development

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) was established by an Act of Parliament on 1st July in 1991. It was formerly Nanyang Technological (NTI), established in August 1981. It’s primary purpose then is to provide facilities for tertiary education and research for various branches of engineering and technology. Nanyang University was founded in 1955, and it was merged with the University of Singapore at a later time to form the National University of Singapore (NUS). At that time, all academic matters were managed by NUS, however issues not related to academic matters were still managed by NTI.

In July 1982, the first batch of students were enrolled into NTI, consisting of 582 engineering students. As the institute started to grow, more courses were offered. The ‘Accountancy’ course was started in 1987, Computer Engineering course in 1989, Materials Engineering, Arts with Diploma in Education, Science with Diploma in Education were all offered in 1991, Communication studies in 1993 and Biological Sciences in 2002.

On 1st July 1991, NTI was re-organized to incorporate the National Institute of Education (NIE) and renamed as Nanyang Technological University and was given the authority to issue their own degrees. It is a comprehensive University created to meet the manpower needs of the nation and of the region. The degrees offered were also recognized both locally and internationally.