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Ngee Ann Polytechnic  

Our History
Since 1960s, Ngee Ann Polytechnic has offered quality education. There is not much to write about concerning our history, just that the college started out as a technical college at Tank Road, the polyclinic had undergone several phrases of upgrading and expansion to meet the new demands of the industry.

The campus is spread over 35.4 hectares of suburban land at the fringe of Bukit Timah residential district. The campus is well served by buses from all over the island. It is also reachable by taking the subway mass rapid transit train and then taking a connecting feeder bus service.

There are also numerous shopping centers, mega malls, entertainment complexes in our area. The campus is also close to the National University of Singapore, which is about 5km away. People who are planning to go downtown can do so by taking buses with a journey that last for about ½ hour. There are also some places of interest such a Bukit Timah Rain Forest Reserve, Bukit Batok Nature Reserve which are nearby. Most students also like to go to the MacDonalds which is at King Albert’s Park for some time of chit-chatting and revision of their homework.

Staff quarters are located just across an overhead bridge at the Pan Island Expressway. Right there you can find tennis courts, football field, BBQ pits, playground and a rope element course, just to name a few.

Business-related, technology-related diploma courses as well as advanced diploma courses are available right here in our campus. In collaboration with the Singapore Armed Forces, right here at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, we offer additional diploma courses for those who are interested in paving out a career path with the ARMY and NAVY.

The various departments as well as the Centre for Professional Development often encourages new and innovative approaches to the teaching methods and curriculum, thus allowing the Polytechnic to stay ahead and produce graduates who are well equipped for the world, the workplace and for Life.

Life of the student bodies in Ngee Ann is by no means boring. Lessons are made to be entertaining to absorb everyone into it. Educational style is not confined to just formal lessons. Field trips are also organized from time to time, ranging from places as high as the Himalayas to vacation training as far away as France.

The student union oversees the running of more than 60 clubs and societies. Any students who are enrolled are automatically made members of the student union and can choose to join any societies or clubs ranging from sports activities to cultural activities such as music, dance, choir, etc.

Right here at Ngee Ann, a unique educational experience awaits you.