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Hwa Chong Junior College    History | Philosophy | Mission | Motto | Vision

College Philosophy
We value all our students for their individual abilities and special talents. Our role as a college is to nurture in our students a zest for life, a spirit of enterprise and a sense of community service and leadership. We want our students to grow into mature, compassionate, honest and honorable individuals.

College Mission
To provide a caring family environment in which our students fully discover and develop their physical, social, intellectual and aesthetic potential. To inspire our students to lead with initiative and integrity in the spirit of open communication and co-operation. To cultivate in our students a strong commitment to their moral, social and political responsibilities. To celebrate our cosmopolitan and culturally vibrant environment. To embody the Hwa Chong spirit through service to our community and nation.

College Motto
Towards Progress

College Vision
"Lead with Passion, Live with Compassion"

Hwa Chong Junior College was founded in the year 1974. It was the first government-aided College to be established through the combined efforts of the Ministry of Education and a group of community leaders. The very first location of the college was in Bukit Timah. Then in the year 1987, the buildings at Bukit Timah was declared to be structurally unsound, the college was made to move from one temporary location to another. This moving of the college carried on for the rest of the year before it eventually stopped at Bukit Batok. After spending four years seven months there, it moved back to Bukit Timah, which was extensively rebuilt. With the generous funding and support from the Government, the alumni and well wishers, the college is now well-equipped with up-to-date facilities, ready to strive for excellence for the 21st century and years beyond.