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Anglo-Chinese School (ACS)    History | Our Goals | Our Mission | Our Vision

Our Goals
  • To develop and strengthen the pupils' character by imparting Christian values and principles and by role-modeling.
  • To help our pupils to the best that they can be through the nurturing of their talents and potential
  • To provide our pupils an all-round education through available opportunities in a conducive learning environment.
  • To inculcate loyalty and commitment for the school through a sense of identity, love and the ACS spirit.

Our Mission
ACS believes in providing an all-round education in an environment which seeks to bring out the potential in every pupil to the fullest, and to develop in him a strong moral character, imbued with Christian values and principles to guide and prepare him for the life ahead.

Our Vision
We will mould and nurture our boys to be men of character, credibility and capability.

History of the school
The Anglo-Chinese School was founded by Bishop William F. Oldham in the year 1886. It was just a small, poorly ventilated house at that time with only 13 pupils. It taught using English in the day and Mandarin in the afternoon, which is how Anglo-Chinese got its name. The number of pupils in the school grew to 104 and it was shifted to a new location at Coleman Street. The number of students grew to 300 within 3 short years.

Sometime in 1952, the school was started by Principal Rev PL Peach for students who were average and for those who had to leave school due to the government imposition on school-going age limit for boys. It was renamed as OldHam Methodist School after some time after its founder.

In the year from 1925 to 1929, the school shifted to Cairnshill by principal Rev A. B Manab. The school anthem and the school crest was also created within the same period in the year 1926, by Mr H. M Hoisington and Dr Yap Pheng Geck respectively.

In the year 1930, Mr T W Hinch introduced a new system known as the House system. The purpose of the house system is to encourage sports and rivalry among the students of the school.

During the period of the World War 2, the school was shut down and was only re-opened when the buildings at Cairnhill and Coleman Street were made safe in early 1946.

Mr T W Hinch who went back Britian during the World War returned back to Singapore in June 1946. He started the ‘X’ and ‘Y’ classes which is similar to the Express and Normal streams we have now.

When Mr T W Hinch retired, Dr Herbert H Paterson took over as the new principal and the school was relocated from Cairnhill to Barker Road on 29th September 1950.

The first batch of girls was also enrolled in the year 1950 together with the establishment of Post School Certificate Classes which is later known as the Pre-University Classes. Then in the year 1952, there was again a change of principal and the new principal was the first Asian principal assigned to the school by the name of Dr Thio Chan Bee. The school underwent quite a few changes under his leadership, such as the building of the Lee Hall, which is a 3-storey block with 12 classrooms and 4 laboratories at Barker Road.

In 1961, the afternoon session which was conducted at OldHam Methodist School when it was still at Coleman street was shifted to Barker Road and the afternoon session was conducted as the afternoon session in secondary school, taking in the first 200 male students who did not make it for the morning session. But this arrangement ended in the year 1974 when the school was reorganized and all secondary one and two will function in the afternoon and all other levels in the morning.

In the year 1977, the Pre-University Classes move to Anglo-Chinese Junior College at Rochester Park leaving the secondary school back at Barker Road.

When the Ministry of Education mooted the idea of Independent Schools, Anglo-Chinese Primary School moved from it’s premises at Coleman Street to merge with the Secondary School at Barker Road in November 1993 and became a full government-aided school known as Anglo-Chinese School which will serve both as a Primary school as well as a Secondary school.

In the first year in new school, 309 students were enrolled in the Secondary section of the school divided among 8 classes, catering to pupils from the Express Stream, Normal (Academic) Stream and the Normal (Technical) Stream. There were also 12 staffs working together to establish the new section.

The ACS family has grown rapidly over the years. To date, there are 5 schools - Anglo-Chinese School (Junior), Anglo-Chinese School (Primary), Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and Anglo-Chinese Junior College. In addition, there is a hostel, Oldham Hall. New boarding facilities are also being provided at ACS (Independent).

The success of ACS today is the result of the mission and vision of its founder and the rallying of old boys, parents and supporters to a cause they believe strongly in. The ACS Spirit gives to all the extraordinary willingness to come together for good of the School. It is the feeling of family: acceptance, identity, security and belonging, which compels ACSians to step into the breach and to make the sacrifice and effort. Above all, the strive to improve and cater for the future generations of ACSians will always drive ACS to greater heights and achievements. As the School motto says, 'The Best Is Yet To Be!'