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Education Information  

School Fees and Miscellaneous Fees

Students who are at the primary level do not have to pay school fees. They only have to pay Miscellaneous Fees which will go to the school to help cover the cost of equipments and special programs for the benefit of the students. However students at the secondary and pre-university level have to pay both subsidized school fees as well as miscellaneous fees.

School Facilities

All schools provide facilities for their students to have a balanced education. Facilities will include things like a well-stocked library to encourage students to do self-study, self-research and reading. Other facilities would include things such as science laboratories, music room, art room, media resource rooms, computer rooms as well as projector rooms. Facilities such as basketball and netball court, multi-purpose halls are also available. Junior colleges also provide slightly more facilities such as tennis and squash courts. Their lecture theatres are also fitted with sound system and multimedia projection facilities to aid learning.

With the implementation of the IT Masterplan in the year 2000, now all teachers and students can have sufficient access to multimedia resources, course wares, the internet and digitized media resources. The aim of the IT Masterplan is to provide one computer to every two students from Primary one to Junior Colleges. IT will take up up till 30% of curriculum time.

The School Year

The school year consists of four terms made up of 10 weeks for each. There will be a week break in between the first and second term and another one in between the third and fourth term. There will be a four week break in the middle of the year and a six week break at the end of the year.

Co-curricular Activities

Apart from formal school curricular, students are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities (CCAs). CCAs not only provide a means of recreation and at the same time it instills a keen sense of self-discipline, teamwork and confidence. The character development and growth are provided here, which is something that cannot be provided for in formal school curricular.

Wide range of CCAs are provided in the schools of Singapore. There are a variety of sports such as Track and Field, Soccer, Basketball, Netball and many others. There are also uniformed organizations such as the Red Cross, the National Police Cadet Corps, the National Cadet Corps, etc. Cultural activities such as Military band, the ethnic dance group or the drama club are also available. Students can also participate in clubs such as Photographic club, gardening club and the computer clubs.

Participation in CCAs are voluntary in Primary four, and in secondary schools, at least one core CCA is compulsory.

Schools compete in a number of Co-Curricular events at the zonal and national level each year. These include sports event such as the Inter-school Cross Country Championships, and the national Track and Field and Swimming Championships. The Singapore Youth Festival is an annual event which showcases the creativity and talent of Singapore students through drama presentations, choral singing, art and craft presentation, uniformed group events and sports events.