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Pulau Ubin Other Islands

Location: North-East of Singapore
Size: 1019 ha
Getting there : Eastern end of Changi Beach Park. Walk over to Changi point jetty for the boat ride.
By Bus and Bum Boat: SBS no 2 or 29 to Changi point bus interchange, followed by a boat ride from Changi point jetty to Pulau Ubin, journey takes about 10 minutes.
The bumboat service operates from 6:00 am to about 9:00 pm by private operators.
The fare for a single trip is $2.00 at all times and an additional $2.00 if you are bringing a bike.
The boat will only leave the jetty when there are 12 passengers, or if someone is willing to charter the whole boat for S$24.00.

An Introduction
The setting of Pulau Ubin is like Singapore in the olden 60s. Right here you can still find villages, people living in kampong, etc. Though life is back like the olden days, yet the people there are really well-updated on current affairs happening around our world today.

Pulau Ubin is an island northeast of Singapore with a land area of 1019 hectares. The highest point of the island is 75m which is the Puaka Hill. The island has a rich resource of granite, which is the reason why sometimes it is referred to as the 'Stone Mountain'.

Right here at Pulau Ubin, you will find many wonders of nature life. You can find newly-hatched fishes, prawns, crabs and many more creatures making the mangroves their home which make up most of the coastline. Away from the would be secondary forest made up mainly of rubber plantations and coconut groves. Abandoned gardens filled with local fruits such as durian and rambutans may be found.

Pulau Ubin Recreation Area is an ideal place for group activities such as cycling (bicycles can be rented), explorations and camping. Bird-watching and photography are also allowed.