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There is a legend to the name of this island. It was known that there was a giant turtle that transformed itself into a rock to save 2 shipwrecked sailors, a Malay and a Chinese. Up till today, many Chinese and Malays goes to the island to pray. For Chinese (mostly Taoist), they make their pilgrimage to the Toa Pekong Temple, located near to the ferry jetty, during the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. For Malays (mostly childless couples) they visit Kramat Kusu, a shrine which is on the top of the hill, hoping to have children. They will then tie white cloth containing their prayers which they will tie on branches of trees sincerely.

There is also a Wishing Well, by which you throw coins into it for your wishes to come true. Besides visiting these places, you can also relax on the beach of Kusu Island as there are picnic spots and swimming areas. The blue lagoons of Kusu Island are loved by those who love sun-tanning. There is a Tortoise Sanctuary which is the home of many tortoises.

If you intend to go to Kusu Island, you can take the ferries at World Trade Center at the cost of $9 for adults and $6 for children. The ferries depart 2 times on Mondays to Saturdays and 6 times on Sunday. The ferries also stop at St John's Island. For enquires, please call 6826-8322 or 6275-0388.