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The Lion Symbol  

The origin for the use of the lion symbol came from the fact that Singapore was once known as the 'Lion City'. The name came as far back in history when a prince from Palembang was shipwrecked was washed to a foreign land. On this land he saw a grand and majestic animal. He heard from his servant that the animal is a Lion, and thus the prince name the land 'Lion City'.

The Lion symbol was first introduced in 1986. It was meant to be an alternative National Symbol since the National Flag and State Crest have legal restrictions which prevents its usage in non-government and commercial purposes. A search for the ideal symbol started among Art Institutes and advertising agencies and eventually this Lion symbol was chosen as Singapore was reputed as the 'Lion City'.

Some may ask, what does the symbol mean? Well, the answer is simple. The Lion, as known by everyone, is commonly known as the King of the Beast, showing forth majesty, strength, courage and excellence. The choice of a white background with the symbol in red is simply the colours used for the national flag as well. The five partings on the mane signifies the five ideals of Singapore, namely democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality. The Lion's tenacious mien signifies the nation's single-minded resolve to face and overcome and challenges and obstacles in our path.