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The Singapore Parliament  

Formation of the Parliament
The Parliament of Singapore followed the model made from the Westminster system of parliamentary democracy where the Members of the Parliament are voted at General Elections. The leader of the political group that wins the most vote in the election will be asked by the President to be the Prime Minister. Then the Prime Minister will elect the Members of Parliament (MPs) to form the Cabinet. When the Parliament meet up for the first time, a Speaker will be elected and after that taking the oath of Members.

Each Parliament will last for five years from the day of the election. After five years when the Parliament has dissolved, the next election must be held within three months.

Functions of the Parliament
The functions of the Parliament includes the formation of the Government, legislation, keeping track of state's finances and also taking up a critical/inquisitorial role to check the actions of the governing party and the Ministries. The Members of Parliament also act as a bridge between the community and the Government by making the concerns of the constituents in their elected constituencies heard in Parliament.

Here is the summary for the functions performed by the Parliament:

  • Formation of the Government
  • Legislation or Law Making
  • State Financial Control
  • Critical/Inquisitorial Function
  • Representative Role
   Courtesy of the Government of Singapore