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National Carrier | SIA (Singapore Airlines)

The Singapore Airlines (SIA) originated as a small regional airline with a modest fleet comprising 10 aircraft, a staff of 6,000 and a route network spanning 22 cities in 18 countries about 25 years ago. It began to expand and modernize its fleet, setting standards of service and quality that others could only follow. Well-perceived planning, investment and product innovation boosted its growing reputation and profitability, turning into a world-class carrier today. Their route network has expanded to 90 different cities in 40 countries and modern fleets of aircraft to ensure the safety of their passengers.

Achievements (December 2001)
Far Eastern Economic Review
Review 200
Number One Singapore-based Company

Financial Times
Survey of World's Most Respected Companies
Top 50 List

2001 Kalakbay Award for International Airline of the Year
Conde Nast Traveler
Conde Nast Traveler Awards
Best International Carrier

Some Official Events from SIA
26 Feb - 03 Mar
Asian Aerospace 2002

Mar - 15 Mar
International Society for Infectious Disease 2002

For more information please visit this website : www.singaporeair.com
     Courtesy of Singapore Airlines