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How does this fish come about?
It was said that this fish's ancestor was a Cichlid breed and this fish was cross-bred with another fish called "Giant Blood Parrot". At first it was not successful but after many tries of breeding, the result becomes the Luo Han Yu that we see in the market.

Why is it of likeable by Singaporeans?
When the Luo Han is bred, nor of their descendents will look alike which will have a chance of breeding a nice type of Luo Han. In this way, they will expect to see different appearances of the Luo Han. With a nice breed of Luo Han, it can reach a price of thousands, if the owner intends to sell it.

Interesting Information
Just a year ago, some Singaporeans discovered that some of the breeds of Luo Han have black dots on them, which can form some characters. Some of them even saw numbers appearing on their body and thought of buying 4-D (type of gambling, famous in Singapore, by betting 4 number digits).

As Luo Han Yu likes to grab stones using their mouth, some Singaporeans even thought of putting small balls, printed with number digits, to be picked by the fish to buy 4-D.

This fish also tends to follow your hand movements and is rather fun. But some people said that the fish is actually hungry and thought that you may have food for them.