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" In living life, the secret of the How's is actually in the Why's! "

                                                                                                 Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim

The Alpha Explorer ProgramTM

Darwin College, Cambridge (Cambridge has been the seat of many great mathematicians in history)

The importance of a deep understanding of mathematics cannot be overemphasized.

"Mathematics is the language with which God wrote the universe" - Galileo Galilei
"God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world" - Paul Dirac
"For the things of this world cannot be made known without knowledge of mathematics" - Roger Bacon

Mathematics is a universal language - from our daily lives to the universe at large, mathematics is an expression of the beauty of nature, an articulation of how sciences, technology, society, the universe collaborates. Wow, think about this, mathematics is embedded into every aspect of our daily lives!

We all have the inherent aptitude to learn and to appreciate mathematics. Uncovering that inherent aptitude is a journey - with the right guidance and approach, this journey is one of discovery with lifelong benefits. Sadly, many of us have trodden down a path of rote-learning that never quite allowed us to uncover our innate abilities.

“Not everyone can be a mathematician, but a mathematician can come from anywhere!”

The above is definitely true, but for many of us, the priority is to get the “grades”.  We understand this. We are not here to convert people into mathematicians. We are here to take our explorers through a unique experiential learning process, where mathematics becomes real and meaningful. Not only do we expect our explorers to get the grades, the logical thought process and analytical skills they hone will ground them well in their academic and professional pursuits. Explorers will come to appreciate the beauty and power of mathematics.

For those amongst us who have grown up now, there are many who have dreaded mathematics and many other subjects along the way, not that this should have been the case, but that they had travelled through a journey of rote-learning and examination-centric learning.  And even amongst those who “survived” the mundane learning journey, many have experienced the path of rote-learning, even in an area like mathematics whereby rote-learning was never necessary.

Today, we observe that many students have developed a disdain for mathematics. Even for some who appear to do well in the subject in school, there is no real passion to truly learn the subject.

“Too many of us learn through the process of “rote-learning” and sheer hardwork in practicing and practicing past years’ examination questions … they are training to be exam-smart, without proper appreciation of the fundamental concepts”

“So indeed, they have been able to “borrow” such practices and exam techniques … eventually, everything “borrowed” has to be returned, hence all the “borrowed” knowledge and techniques do not last!” – Dr Jeff Lim

If only they could have taken a different journey … with a true Alpha Explorer Guide …

It is for these reasons that the Alpha Explorer ProgramTM (AEP) was created by Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim (Alpha Guide-in-Chief), to allow everyone, students, parents and professionals alike, to embark on an experiential journey of discovery in mathematics..

Jeff’s beliefs in  the true holistic learning experience stems from his own exploratory journey in life as well as serving as an “Alpha Explorer Guide” to many professionals in the financial markets over two decades,. His beliefs are captured in his quotation,  “The Secret of the How’s is actually in the Why’s!”  Jeff is a proven accomplished Cambridge-trained applied mathematician in the Financial Markets.

"The enchanting charms of this sublime science, mathematics, reveal only to those who have the courage to go deeply into it" - Carl Friedrich Gauss



About the Founder

Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim, Ph.D., C.Sci., C.Math., FIMA, FRM, PRM, B.Fel is currently an active practitioner in his expertise areas of Treasury and Risk Management in the Financial Markets.  Jeff has over the years already been sharing his expertise with thousands of financial market professionals through some of his well received professional seminars like “Treasury Markets and Products”, “Financial Derivatives” and “Financial Market Risk Management” etc, (please click on the links above for more details on Jeff’s facilitation techniques).


The Approach

Jeff will guide explorers in mathematics in discovering the Why’s in mathematical development, formulae, theorems etc. and in turn ensure that the explorers “own” the full experiential knowledge and understand how to approach problems with clarity and arrive at logical step-by-step well thought-out solutions.  Until one has gone through such a journey, one can never really say they “own” the true experiential knowledge.  Only when one has acquired and “owns” such an experience, then can one rightfully “retain it” (after-all it’s yours forever), and even has the opportunity to pass on such an acquisition to future generations.

Jeff believes in “doing what is right, rather than what is acceptable!”, and has been practicing this guiding belief for decades in his professional life and even from his younger days. Hence, the learning journey with the Alpha Guide will not focus only on studying and examination preparation. It will start from the very roots of reason (where possible), building an unshakable foundation prior to moving on to applying the acquired knowledge to creating solutions to problems and beyond.

An Alpha Explorer on such a journey will enjoy the learning experience, and develop interest, perhaps even a passion, for the subject, leading to a mastery of techniques to enable them to solve problems optimally and achieve better performance in the subject as opposed to mere rote-learn and squeeze the maximum score they can achieve in the examinations.  The Alpha Exploration Program is not for everyone; only those who wish to embark on the Alpha Exploration Journey of Experiential Discovery need to join us.

 “We want to develop thinkers that question assumptions and hypothesis … push boundaries” – Dr Jeff Lim

The Alpha Explorer ProgramTM was not created to be a substitute to the conventional learning tools and syllabus. It was created to be a “disruptor” to the conventional journey, to awaken the sense in participants to a whole new world of exploration and to challenge the current “thinking process”, thereby encouraging participants to push themselves to new heights of exploration leading to new perspectives to view the world, and in turn encourage participants to adopt a life-long journey of continued exploration and achievement!


Who Is It For …

The Alpha Explorer Program is designed to develop thinkers, it is meant for
 - those who want to “own” the tools and know-how and uncover their inherent abilities in Mathematics
 - students who desire to be well-grounded in the foundations of Mathematics particularly at the upper  
   secondary levels initially
 - parents, professionals with the desire to fully appreciate the beauty and power of mathematics
 - those who want to “get the grades”

The following are mottos from schools Jeff has attended that have helped shape the way Jeff has approached his life of exploration and discovery, and we hope that these same mottos can also provide our explorer’s with a guidance into our exploration process together.

Anglo-Chinese School:  “The Best Is Yet to Be!”

Hwa Chong Junior College: “Live with Passion, Lead with Compassion.”

University of Cambridge: “Hinc lucem et pocula sacra” (Latin), translated into English “From this place, we gain enlightenment and precious knowledge.”

Come join our Alpha Explorer Program – an inquisitive journey of discovery and enlightenment to arouse your passion for learning precious knowledge that will inspire one to lead a life less ordinary leading continually to a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, and with the expectation that the best is yet to be!


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